ICGC Colombo 2020

The next International geotechnical conference in Sri Lanka will be held in August in 2020 and abstracts for technical papers have been requested. In 2015, a similar international conference (ICGE-Colombo-2015) was held with the participation of more than 300 delegates including 110 overseas participants (about 40 from Australia). Attached to this email is Bulletin No 2 issued under the guidance of Prof Kulathilaka which lists the keynote speakers and provides brief biodata: 


Prof Charles Ng - President ISSMGE - Hong Kong

Prof Buddhima Indraratna - Australia

Prof Krishna Reddy - USA

Dr. Brian Simpson - UK

Dr. Chris Haberfield - Australia 


+61 434 609 921 
66, Inverness Street, Upper Kedron, Qld 4055, Australia